Four Seasons Yacht

Be Among the First to Sail

Ahoy there, luxury travel aficionados (and those who aspire to be)! Here at WhataHotel, your gateway to the finer things in life, we have news that will set your wanderlust compass spinning. The highly anticipated arrival of Four Seasons Yachts is edging closer, with the maiden voyage set for January 2026. Here at WhataHotel! by Lorraine Travel; a Four Seasons Preferred Partner, we're thrilled to offer our valued guests exclusive access to booking coveted suites on sailings during the vessel's inaugural season.

The Four Seasons Yacht

An Intimate Luxury Experience for the Privileged Few

Forget the bustling crowds of ordinary cruise lines. The Four Seasons Yacht will have only 95 suites. Yes, you read that right – this is yachting with an exclusive guest list that would make Gatsby blush. Imagine it; personalized service that anticipates your every whim at sea. You won't have to elbow fellow passengers vying for the buffet line.

A New Era of Ocean Travel

Imagine a world where impeccable Four Seasons service extends to the open seas. Four Seasons Yachts promises an unparalleled yachting experience, combining the personalized attention and luxurious amenities synonymous of the brand with the freedom and adventure of yachting.

The first vessel, currently under construction by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, boasts an estimated cost of €400 million. Designed by Tillberg of Sweden with creative direction by Prosper Assouline, the ship promises a masterpiece of design and functionality. While details remain under wraps, whispers suggest spacious suites, private balconies, and world-class amenities, all carefully curated to deliver an unforgettable voyage. From what we know as "insiders" of all things Four Seasons, we can assure you these luxurious accommodations will be unlike anything you've ever experienced at sea.

Four Seasons Yacht Suite

Where Opulence Meets Ocean Breezes and Outshines the Competition.

Let's face it, most cruise ships resemble floating cattle cars crammed with buffet lines and limbo competitions. But fear not, discerning traveler! Four Seasons Yachts is here to rewrite the nautical rulebook, offering an experience that's more private island retreat than resort on the high seas.

First things first, size matters (at least on this yacht). We're talking a majestic vessel stretching 207 meters (679 feet) – that's longer than two football fields! But unlike those mega-ships, the Four Seasons Yacht boasts a mere 95 guest suites.

Gone are the days of questionable mystery meat buffets. Four Seasons Yacht's guests will embark on a culinary adventure with a whopping 11 different restaurants and lounges. From intimate sushi bars to poolside grills, your taste buds will thank you for every decadent bite (and yes, there will definitely be a caviar option – this isn't your average all-you-can-eat affair).

Speaking of indulging, how about a transverse marina right on board? That's right, say goodbye to fighting for a pool chair and hello to a private playground stocked with water toys you'd normally only find on a billionaire's yacht (think jet skis and paddleboards, not that inflatable pink flamingo).

Let's not forget a 20-meter (66-foot) saltwater pool. This isn't your average kiddie pool – it's one of the largest at sea, big enough for actual laps (or leisurely floating while sipping a perfectly chilled cocktail). And for those who like a little versatility, this marvel of modern engineering can be transformed into a multi-function area – perfect for hosting an elegant soiree or staging an impromptu toga party (togas not included, but highly encouraged).

Ever felt like you had to practically wrestle a towel from a harried pool attendant on a regular cruise? Four Seasons throws that notion out the porthole. With a staff-to-guest ratio of nearly 1:1, prepare to be pampered like royalty. Your every whim will be anticipated, your every need catered to – it's like having your own personal genie.


Intimacy Over Crowds: A Different Kind of Cruise Experience

While other cruise lines pack 'em in like sardines, Four Seasons takes a more intimate approach. Whenever possible, the yacht will bypass those crowded cruise terminals and anchor in secluded spots, allowing guests a more relaxed and personalized exploration of each destination. Think strolling the charming streets of a Mediterranean village or diving into crystal-clear Caribbean waters – all without the throngs of tourists vying for the last slice of pizza.

So, there you have it. The Four Seasons Yacht will be a haven for the discerning traveler who appreciates a touch of the finer things in life (and enough space to actually see the ocean from their balcony). Get your sea legs ready for an unforgettable yachting experience that sets a new standard for luxury at sea.

The Caribbean & Mediterranean: Paradise Awaits

The inaugural season will set sail in two of the world's most coveted cruising grounds: the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Imagine balmy Caribbean breezes as you explore hidden coves and pristine beaches, or soak up the rich history and cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean. Four Seasons Yachts will curate unique itineraries that showcase the best of each region, ensuring an unparalleled travel experience.

An Invitation-Only Soiree with a Serious Cover Charge

Now, before you start packing your seafaring essentials (think white linen and boat shoes), there's a slight wrinkle in the itinerary. Four Seasons Yachts (multiple vessels are expected) , in their infinite exclusivity, are currently extending invitations only. That's right, booking isn't a simple matter of clicking a button online. You'll need to be part of the Four Seasons inner circle, or perhaps befriend a "top Four Seasons travel advisor" (because regular travel advisors just won't cut it for now). Now, about the cost. Let's just say, this isn't your average cruise for the masses. Rates are starting at around $3,000 per suite, per night. That price tag includes breakfast, non-alcoholic beverages, and light snacks. Lunch and dinner, and that well-deserved post-exploration cocktail come at an additional expense.

Four Seasons Yacht Funnel Suite

Unveiling an Extraordinary Experience with WhataHotel!
To select a voyage, accommodations and more, please flip the Four Seasons Yacht e-brochure.  Lorraine Travel (which owns WhataHotel!)  is a Four Seasons Preferred Partner. This makes us uniquely privileged to offer our valued clients exclusive access to booking highly coveted suites for the inaugural season. This means you can be among the very first to sail with Four Seasons Yachts and experience a new era of luxury travel at sea.

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